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Protecting Our Environment
Fashion Cabinet Mfg., Inc. is committed to helping the environment both short and long term. Some of the programs we have implemented over 25 years ago are still going strong. We continue to be a leader when it comes to the environment with new energy efficient technologies and recycling programs, as well as the products we use in building your cabinetry.

Here are some of the programs we have implemented:

1. Alternate fuels in our delivery trucks and forklifts.
2. Getting the highest yield out of our materials and diverting waste wood to non landfill uses.
3. Staying in strict compliance with all Federal and State emission standards.
4. A recycling program for just about everything that comes through our shop from paper, light cardboard to heavy metals.
5. Installation and recycling of energy efficient lighting wherever possible.
6. Changing our work force schedule to begin earlier in the day to help alleviate the demand for electricity during peak hours of the day.

Fashion Cabinet continually looks for ways to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We strive to be a leader in new technologies that are safe for the environment in which we all live.

Work Safety Award
Fashion Cabinet Mfg., Inc. was awarded the 2008 Charles A. Caine Award for Workplace Safety from Workers Compensation Fund. This award is given to businesses with outstanding safety practices and Fashion Cabinet was one of 14 companies that was selected from over 30,000 companies to receive an award this year.

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